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ISO27001 specifies the management of security risks

The origin of the ISO27001 certification lies in the English “Code of Practice for Information Security Management”. This refers to a special management system for information security. This specifies how you can demonstrate that you are managing security risks.

The ISO27001 standard contains several aspects with regard to information security, including system and software development and maintenance (documentation, processes). The standard states that you define a scope and policy perform a risk analysis, select measures for the risks which were found and implement and manage them.

Maintaining the ISO27001 certification is a continuous process

This is a continuous process to achieve and maintain ISO27001 certification. With the ISO27001 certification you are "in control" with regard to your security risks.

The Trust Guard report provides insight in the risks according to the ISO27001 standard

The Trust Guard security scan can help you to identify the risks you run with your network. We scan your network and inform you about the risks you run and possible solutions. You can also create a report that provides insight into the risks according to this standard.

Trust Guard Security Scanned