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Privacy protection for the healthcare sector

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA for short) is US legislation from 1996 for the health sector. The HIPAA is best known in Europe for the privacy protection that is explicitly regulated for the healthcare sector.

HIPAA describes a number of standard protocols for data transfers. The "Security Rule" describes the standards regarding information security, where procedural, technical and physical security measures are proposed.

The HIPAA regulations have been decisive for developments regarding privacy protection. In particular, the development of technical security measures has been initiated by HIPAA and the awareness about the realisation of adequate privacy protection would probably have been considerably less rapid without HIPAA.

The Trust Guard HIPAA report provides support for data security evidence

With regard to checking the security of your network, the Trust Guard security scan can contribute by identifying vulnerabilities and offering solutions. The HIPAA report can also provide support to demonstrate that everything has been done to secure the data.

Trust Guard Security Scanned